About Salute Coffee Company

Welcome to Salute Coffee Company, Sudbury’s premium, locally owned coffee shops.  We are committed to serving you the very best quality food and beverages with a focus on outstanding customer service.

Attention to detail and focus on local are what sets us apart from other coffee shops.  Our food is made from scratch daily. Our eggs are FREE RANGE and from a local farm.  We use pure maple syrup from a local sugar bush in our baking because it tastes better and is better for you than processed sugars.  Many of our syrups are made in house using real ingredients rather than artificial flavours.  We’re committed to real food and you can taste the difference.

We’re equally committed to the environment, so we encourage you to bring your reusable cup with you to get $0.40 off per cup!

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What we believe in

The third wave of coffee is a movement that views coffee as far more than a commodity, considering it to be an artisanal food like wine, where the coffee produced is the ultimate taste experience. It’s the end-to-end process, a journey that starts with the origin of the coffee bean, and continues with its lighter roasting profile, brewing methods, and the technology found inside an espresso machine designed to bring out the coffee’s complex, rich tasting notes and full flavour potential.

The quality of the bean is key in creating great tasting third wave specialty coffee, from the specific microclimates and soils where they are grown, to the production practices and the way the beans are processed.

In a nutshell, a super dark roasted bean is a burnt bean. Once something is burnt the only flavours you get are the notes of something charred – smoky and bitter. A third wave style coffee bean is a higher quality bean, delicately roasted to bring out the best of the bean, allowing us to taste different notes.

Our Story

Our attention to detail & focus on local are what sets us apart.


1137 Kingsway
Sudbury, ON P3B 2E7


6:30AM - 9PM


Saturday - 7:30AM - 9PM
Sunday  - 7:30AM - 7PM



2195 Armstrong Street
Sudbury, ON P3E 4W2


6:30AM - 6PM


7:30AM - 5PM