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We take great pride in offering top of the line coffee & tea.


We are committed to offering only the freshest, highest quality coffee to our customers. We serve PILOT coffee roasted in Toronto.  Andy and Rob travel around the world to meet directly with the farmers at their coffee farms in order to develop relationships that create a better future for everyone involved. They set ethical standards with their direct trade program and pay a special premium that is above the Fair Trade price standard.  It’s really good coffee and really great people and that makes us proud to serve it.

Guest Roaster Program

Featuring a new roaster monthly at our downtown café provides our customers with new and exciting flavor options while keeping their favorites from Pilot on hand.  It also promotes conversation and education of the evolving specialty coffee industry.  There is a tremendous amount of trust and reputation on the line when a roaster bags up their coffee and ships it to our shop, and it’s our responsibility to honor that trust by doing our best to showcase every coffee every time.

If you are a roaster interested in having your coffee featured in our downtown café please email info@salutecoffee.com.”


Our tea supplier is dedicated to traversing the world in pursuit of the most exceptional and exclusive teas. Each tea is individually sourced. Chosen from hundreds of tea gardens, and they are carefully processed using centuries old artisanal techniques. With so many traditional and exotic teas to choose from we’re confident we have something to satisfy every craving.  Learn more about Sloane Fine Teas.

Matcha Tea

Match is pure green tea leaves specially grown and stone ground into a fine green powder containing 10x the nutrients of regular green tea. Salute proudly serves ceremonial grade Matcha Ninja.

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